The following is a list of equipment that can be found at the gym. 

- 8 Power Racks (that is 15 squatting/pressing/benching stations)
- Forza Competition Bench
- Kettle Bells 8 lbs – 106 lbs
- Full set of Ivanko kilogram plates
     • 18 – 25 kg plates
     • 2 – 20 kg plates
     • 2 – 15 kg plates
     • 2 – 10 kg plates
     • 2 –   5 kg plates
     • 2 – 2.5 kg plates
     • 2 – 1.25 kg plates
     • Two tie breaker plates
- Lots of lb plates (including 4 – 100 lb plates)
- Bumper plates
- 2 Texas Deadlift Bars
- 2 Texas Power Bars
- 1 Texas Power Squat Bar (8 ft long, 55 lbs)
- 8 Ivanko OBX-20KG bars
- 1 Camber Bar
- 2 Safety Squat Bars
- 1 Trap Bar
- 1 Swiss Bar
- 1 Eleiko Olympic Bar

- 1 Woman’s Olympic Bar
- 2 Women’s light weight Bars
- Bands
- Chains
- Treadmill
- Leg Press
- Leg Curl/Extension Machine
- Smith Machine
- Cable Machine
- Gymnastic Rings
- Several pull up bars
- Dip bars
- Heavy Bag
- Speed Bag
- Pulling Sled
- Farmers Walk Cage
- Forza Chalk Bowl (yes you can use chalk at 4 Star Gym)
- Plyo Boxes
- Roman Bench

"The Staff is very approachable & knowledgable." 

Having never had any formal coaching in powerlifting, walking into 4 Star Gym was mildly intimidating. This is definitely a gym where the clientele is serious about their training and how their time is spent here.  However, the group of people who workout at 4 Star Gym have built a tight knit community and are extremely welcoming.  This is the first gym I have been a part of where the members make a point to introduce themselves to newbies and show them the ropes.

The gym also offers professional coaching and programming at an additional cost.  While I am still in my first month of training, I have already noticed significant improvements in my lifts.  It’s extremely convenient to walk into a gym and not have to think about what I want to do.  My workouts are well thought out, high intensity, and time efficient.  While the focus is on the main three lifts, there is a lot of variety to the accessory work so no two workouts are the same.

The owner and all of the staff at 4 Star Gym are all approachable and willing to take the time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  They are all extremely knowledgeable on the sport of powerlifting and provide a great foundation for producing great athletes.  If powerlifting isn’t your thing, this gym offers all the essential necessities, although it may require some creativity.  Based on the convenience of the hours and cost, you can’t go wrong with this gym.  No annual contracts and 24 hour access! 

— Jessica Read

Take a Virtual Tour of 4 Star Gym.

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To view the second location that includes a MMA/JiuJitsu training area:
- Turn around to the front of the gym (Click and drag your mouse) 
- Exit the gym (Click the sidewalk)
- Turn right (Click and drag your mouse) 
- Walk straight  (Click the sidewalk)
- Turn right (Click and drag your mouse) 
- Enter the door (Click inside the room)