Jason has 20 Years Experience Training People From All Walks of Life with Different Goals/Needs. He specializes in
• Strength training
• Body composition
• Flexibility/mobility
• Powerlifting
• Sports specific training
• Physique aesthetics


BA Kinesiology/PE from San Francisco State University
• CPR/AED Certified
• Training in Various Martial Arts

At the age of 16, Jason was introduced to the world of strength training and fitness by former Mr. Universe Dave Draper.  Dave was Jason’s first teacher, mentor and inspiration in strength training. Jason played football and ran track in high school and walked on to the football team as a freshman in college.

Always returning to what he loved most: weight lifting for strength, health, function, improving his physique and for the sheer joy of it, Jason decided to pursue a major in Kinesiology. After graduating in 1994, he immediately started a career as a personal trainer that has been successfully un-interrupted since. 

He has successfully trained people from all walks of life with a myriad of goals. Over the course of 30 years,  Jason has trained in a variety of different martial arts styles including: Ed Parker Kenpo, Choy Li Fut kung fu, Tai-chi, Fairtex Muay thai, Haganah F.I.G.H.T. system, and Lions Den Dallas.

Along side his personal training career, Jason has also served as an Executive Protection Specialist for the Chairman/CEO of two major corporations. Jason’s passions include: Pit bulls (his favorite breed of dog-but he loves them all!!!), strength training, hiking, rock climbing, and traveling with his wife.

I believe in helping people improve the major components of physical fitness, which include, but not limited to, muscular strength, endurance, cardiovascular health, agility, mobility/flexibility and a healthy body composition. I don’t train a client in any set way … Why? Because every person is different and has a different goal, physiology, recovery ability, etc. I believe in creating a custom program for each client based on their needs and goals. What is constant in my training programs is the priority to keep my clients injury free, while getting them the results they are looking for."