Lauren is a professional beach volleyball player, fitness model and founder/owner of Lauren Sieckmann Nutrition//Fitness.
- AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour for 1 year
- Played beach volleyball at USC
- Fitness model for Wilhelmina LA and NY
- National Sophomore of the Year for volleyball
- Gatorade Volleyball Player of the Year for volleyball
- Fitness plans online
- Individualized nutritional consultations


- Studied human biology and marketing
- Certified Nutritionist
- Functional Movements Screening certification in progress


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Instagram: @laurensieckmann
Twitter: @laurensieckmann

Being slightly overweight in high school and being told I needed to be watching my nutrition more closely, I committed to play volleyball at the University of Nebraska as a sophomore in high school. It was my dream school and I could not imagine going anywhere else.

As a freshman in college, at the school I dreamed about since I started playing volleyball, I realized it was not what I wanted and the picture I always had for my future was lost and I didn’t know my purpose anymore. At the same time, I was in an unhealthy relationship where my trust and loyalty was taken advantage of. The amount of stress put on my shoulders from both situations did damage on my mind and body. Not only did I develop depression, anxiety, IBS, and food allergies, I also lost 20lbs in weight. My coach thought I had anorexia, but I did not. I did have some issues. I started suffering from Orthorexia which is an obsession with eating healthy and exercising. I actually obsessively drank too much water and this temporarily ruined my body’s ability to absorb water. I became dangerously dehydrated. The doctors had a very difficult time figuring out my problem. They thought I had diabetes among other mis-diagnosis. Through my experience with my unhealthy relationship, I turned to being obsessed with my health to feel some sort of control in my life. I came to the point of being extremely underweight, weak minded, and goalless. I felt lost in my purpose.

I spent a summer seeing doctors, praying, lifting weights, and reading all the articles I could find. By the end of this summer, I had gained my weight back and had never been more strong, mentally and physically.

No doctor put me back on my feet, but the time I spent learning about myself and my body and educating myself on nutrition not only fixed my weight issues, but gave me a healthy mind. One diet I incorporated in my life was the bulletproof diet which emphasizes the types of foods to eat for best performance and the best timing of the day for them. It emphasizes eating the RIGHT foods, not the amount of food you eat. It amazed me how certain foods could coincide and help your brain. I have also developed a weight training program for those who like to workout at home or in a gym, and a cardio/conditioning program for those who want to be able to workout anywhere. The world is your gym. You can create a workout in almost every environment and I want people to see that.

I developed this program because I have experienced it all, from being overweight to being accused of being anorexic to being fit, strong, and powerful. I hope by creating this diet plan for you all I can share with you how I transformed my body and mind to what it is now. I don’t want to promote an obsession of health, I want to promote a strive for becoming a stronger you, inside and outside. I don’t want people to focus on “losing weight,” I want them to focus on gaining an inner and outer strength and in that process you will lose weight and become fit and healthy.

When our minds and bodies are at peace, that’s when they will also look the best. What you bring to the world is more beautiful than any change you could make to your body. It is all about loving yourself and being enough for yourself, not needing to please others and be empowered to say no to something unhealthy for yourself. I believe “strong is beautiful” and I want to give that to the world.