In September 2005 three guys started training for the deadlift as a competition between themselves to see who would be the first to get a 405 lb lift. – This competition lead to the first 4 Star Gym in-house Powerlifting meet, held in January 2006. Word of the meet got out and soon after Mark Schultz and Martin Drake showed up at 4 Star promoting the AAU. In June (2006) a couple of the 4 Star guys competed in a AAU meet at Vista. It's at this meet that Dave Muro heard about our gym and started training at 4 Star Gym. Dave brought a number of other lifters with him including Darrell Robideau, Art Fu, Ed Lewis, and Spencer Gil. Over the rest of that year, three more in-house meets were held.

That’s the story of how Powerlifting started at 4 Star Gym, since then there have been many state, national and world records set by 4 Star Gym members. In 2010 Jason Kelske came to 4 Star Gym to start his business Game Time Strength. Jason, himself an elite class powerlifter, was a great fit for 4 Star Gym. Under the tutelage  of Jason and the GTS coaching team many GTS/4 Star Gym clients, which were new to weightlifting in general, have became competitive powerlifters. You can view what kind of equipment we have in our gym by clicking here