Sean competes as an amateur MMA fighter, preparing to go professional soon. He teaches functional training, boxing, and kickboxing. He offers personal training.




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Phone: 805.796.7172

Sean played football and baseball at Westlake High School in California. While in high school, he worked part time at a gym in Thousand Oaks. Sean's work at this gym inspired him to became a personal trainer after he graduated from high school. To continue his athletic endeavors after high school Sean became involved with kickboxing.  Over time, he added to his skill set by studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, boxing and kickboxing (specializing in the Dutch method). Sean achieved a level of expertise in these skills, to where he started kickboxing on an amateur level about 10 years ago and started fighting MMA 4 years ago. This back ground in martial arts is the foundation that Sean brings to his clients.

My personal goal for all of my clients is for them to feel stronger, with increased conditioning, better functionality and mobility. To achieve this, I believe in functional training. Because I fight MMA, I’m a product of my own training and I bring those concepts and programs to my clients at a level that is appropriate for their abilities. I always assess my client’s current conditioning and account for any injuries or limiting movements. Since every person is different, I design custom programs for each client based on their goals.