“Helped me become a better athlete.”

I've never been part of a gym that sometimes felt more like a family gathering than an actual gym. The work Mike Goff has put into 4 Star Gym has allowed it to thrive like none other. Being a part of this establishment the past 5 years has not only helped me become a better athlete, it's helped me become a better person.
 Joe Buys

Suits everyone from serious lifters to the beginners.

Four Star Gym provides great equipment and a quality atmosphere that suits everyone from serious lifters to the beginners. If you're looking for a place to strength train, it's hard to find a better value in the South Bay.
— Ryan Primeaux

"The exercises you learn at 4 Star, you can use for life!" 

I am a pilates teacher, personal trainer and dancer who has always wanted to study power lifting movements in a gym that could show me great form. I am a fitness educator so I am deeply aware of the importance of proper execution, particularly when loading the body with weights.

I had the opportunity to start training with Mike Goff of 4 Star gym 3 years ago. I trained mostly in the three major movements of squat, dead lift and bench press. I loved it. Mike always made sure I was in good form and he showed me where the power of the movements come from. I use the knowledge I learned from him in teaching my own clients. All of the powerlifting movements are so useful in daily life, particularly the squat movement. It is very functional.

For example, when my Grandmother had a stroke and ended up on the floor, I was able to pick her up off the floor and not hurt myself. I took care of her for five months and had to lift her a lot since she lost her ability to walk. I dead lifted her off the ground, I squatted to help her off the bed and onto her wheelchair for 6-8 hours at a stretch 3 days a week and never hurt myself. I am so appreciative to Mike for working with me and teaching me these exercises. My Grandmother was able to remain at home until her passing because me and my family were able to pick her up. I taught everyone else how to squat and lift like I learned at 4 Star. The exercises you learn at 4 Star are exercises that you can use for life! 

A hidden gem in Los Angeles!

The 4 Star Gym has allowed my entire family not only to stay in shape but most importantly to have fun doing so. The small-town atmosphere of El Segundo allows for a one of a kind experience at the 4 Star Gym! It is located on the main street in the middle of town and my entire family can walkover there at anytime of day (it is open 24 hours). We can go separately during the week because of school and work or all pump iron together on the weekend before heading to the beach. I love the fact that each member has a key and has the freedom to go work out whenever. I love the quiet times when I can work out and listen to any music on the stereo or plug in my own iPhone tunes. What gym would allow you to do that?

The owner Mike Goff is the friendliest and most accommodating person you'll ever meet. He keeps the gym super clean, well-maintained, orders new bands and equipment when necessary and is open to anyone's suggestions. The flexibility and personal options this gym offers is second to none and cannot be beat.

Personal trainers are often around to answer any of my questions or offer advice or even a spot if I need one. Jason Kahn has trained my son, a senior at El Segundo high school for several years. He's now headed to Stanford on a volleyball scholarship much to the help of this 1st class trainer. The 4 Star boasts a super friendly environment with free weights, racks, treadmill and various machines along with a stretching room and kickboxing classes. It has everything you and your family needs to work out, stay fit, have fun and keep it close to home and your heart. For a gym, I would give 5 stars to the 4 Star!"
— Amy Moye

I've been training here for three years and I love this place”

I'm so glad I found this gym to train at. I've been training here for three years and I love this place. It has that "old school" feel and I'm always motivated when training here. I've been able to increase my strength and gain muscle size while training here. Having access to the different types of bars, specialty bars, dumbbells, kettle bells, cables and more, that are available have attributed to my improvements, not to mention the heavy duty power racks, I feel safe squatting and benching in those. Yes, I love training here! Thanks 4 Star Gym.
Frank Lopez

If you're looking for lots of treadmills, cardio equipment and machines, look elsewhere. This gym is for those who either know how to (or want to learn how to) to train with free weights and other functional training equipment.  

Upon entering the gym, you know you're in a training environment...a place you're going to get better. It's a small space but the people are friendly, cooperative and work together.

There's a good blend of people at all training levels from competitive athletes and powerlifters to your Average Joe and Jane.  You can use chalk, lift heavy weights, perform the olympic lifts, etc. without the fear of getting yelled at. You have access to kettlebells, a variety of different types of barbells, Kilogram plates, Dumbbells up to 150 lbs, Sand bags, Bands, Chains, Rings, TRX, Ropes, Plyo boxes, etc. 

Rates are VERY reasonable, and the best thing about the gym is you get your own key!  24 hour access.
— Jason Kelske, Trainer